How children learn Values

Imitation is the sincerest flattery picture quote

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Imitation Quote

Imitation is the sincerest flattery

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Imitation is the sincerest flattery Quote Meaning

Children don’t learn what you say, but what you do. They imitate our behaviors. If your behavior is consistent and good, then their behavior would be resulting in a positive attitude. What you sow is what you reap. This quote is misattributed to Gandhi. It might be first written by Charles Caleb Colton.

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Imitation is the sincerest flattery

Author: Mahatma Gandhi

Source: Book: Lacon Or Many Things in Few Words, Page 114, Misattributed to Mahatma Gandhi

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The Clever Son Moral Story on Empathy:

One of the reasons why we like kids is because they imitate our words, actions, and behaviors consciously and unconsciously. If you want to impress anybody, the simple weapon is to imitate their words or their slang or anything which is special to that person.

One morning a person asked his old father to come out with him. His little son wanted to go together with them, but his mom didn’t want him to go. So his dad told his son that he is not allowed to come with them. But his son did not agree to that and jumped into their cart after his mother went away from that place.

They traveled for a while and then the father stopped the cart when they reached a graveyard. They stopped before it. The man told to his father and son to stay in the cart till he comes back. He then went to the farther part of the graveyard and started to dig.

His son after waiting for some time wanted to know what his dad is doing.  He went to look for him. He identified his father was digging in the ground. He asked his dad “What’re you doing?”
I’m digging a grave to your grandfather. ” replied his father.
“For grandfather?” the small boy exclaimed. ” But he isn’t dead.”
“Yes, I am aware ” his father answered. “but he is old and worthless now. He can no more do any work by himself and is creating a problem for your mother and me. Anyways, he is not going to live for a long time, so your mom and I thought that it could be good to bury him right away.”
The son listened to his father after that he also started digging another one. He told his father, ” Whenever you turn into old and become useless to me, I will use this to bury you alive. “
The daddy then recognized that his son would imitate what he does and how he behaves. He realized his mistake and what bad attitude he was setting for his son. He took his very own father back to his home and started taking care of his old father until finally, the aged grandfather passed away.

Moral of the Empathy Story

Our children learn things by imitating our behavior. Values and Beliefs are mostly learned from the home and not from the school and society. Don’t ask your kids to do what you say. Rather do them so that they imitate and learn your good behavior.

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