Depression Quotes about suffering prisoner and cruel jailer

Depression is a prison where you are both the sufferring prisoner and the cruel jailer. picture quote


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Overcoming Depression Quotes

Depression is a prison where you are both the sufferring prisoner and the cruel jailer.

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Overcoming Depression Quotes from Prisoner Meaning:

Dorothy Rowe conveys that you are the cause of your depression and you are the only medicine to overcome depression. You are the one who safeguards this depressed state by hiding them inside yourself, and you are the one who has the key to getting out of this prison.

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Depression is a prison where you are both the suffering prisoner and the cruel jailer.

Author: Dorothy Rowe

Quotation Reference:

How do we react to suffering?

Everyone does not react to trouble in the same way. There are those who bear grief and face life with calmness, courage, and a calm mind. Some happenings and situations are an inevitable part of everybody’s life, such as loss of a beloved one.

When either the husband or the wife dies, the possibility of illness or death in the survivor rises by ten percent. Illnesses are found to be twelve times more common among divorced than among couples who live together. Acute distress, helplessness, and depression worsen physical disease in more than eighty percent of the sufferers. Their pain threshold also falls.

Pain and worry are an unavoidable part of every life. There are those who deal with such situations effectively with the help of right attitude, prayer, and holy company, and thus, they are capable of minimizing the ill effects of worry on the body and mind.

However, for the majority of us, the mental equilibrium gets disturbed when confronted with trying situations. Weak characters may resort to alcohol or narcotics to help them forget their sorrow for a while. In reality, they become much more vulnerable. Even weaker are those who take their lives and attempt to kill themselves. None of this can protect us from fear, anger or worry. 

It is not difficult to understand that a mysterious force governs this world. But we often fail to pay any attention to this. We don’t know the interior of our birth and posterior of our death. We don’t know either the cause of our joy and sorrow. Nor are we aware that certain, subtle laws govern every living being on this earth. We think that the interval between birth and death is the only thing that matters. As the range of knowledge widens and deepens, we naturally get a glimpse of the way in which we can face the unavoidable and inevitable problems of life.

Ignorance is the root of all misery. As ignorance recedes, the mind becomes clearer and stronger. Many of our elders had the firm belief that they were not bodies, but they lived in the body.

Few care for inculcating values in our system of education and our conduct in the family or society. The teachers and media production houses do not care for such ideas. Our reformers, politicians, think that without inciting passion, anger, and hatred among human beings, no social work is possible. The exploited and the weaker sections seem to believe that there is no hope for them unless they attack or condemn those who are economically and socially superior to them. People are carried away by the sense of their superiority. They spread intolerance and violence in the society by condemning followers of other paths and faiths.

Experts say that more than the common man, educated men suffer from anxiety, fear, and restlessness.

What is the use of our knowledge and education if they cannot help us overcome our depression and instill in us a more positive attitude towards life? If they don’t inspire us to live a good and happy life, at least they should not hurl us down into the pit of jealousy and violent passion.

Whether educated or illiterate, rich or poor, introvert or extrovert, married or unmarried, whatever their religion or belief – all are struggling for happiness and enrichment of their lives. Our problems, worries, and sufferings may vary, but we must overcome them with our inner resources. For that, our attitude, the way in which we think and behave must change. With grumbling hatred, arrogance, and negative attitude, our difficulties become much more formidable. Mere self-centredness devoid of social concern can never be the way to peace and happiness. It is through nurturing of virtues and maturity that one can solve the problems of the individual, family, and society. With patience and efforts one gain deeper knowledge about these things. It is important to remember that suffering does not depend on upon what we have, but what we are.

The mind can cause or cure a disease. Patience, love, sympathy, generosity, selflessness – such positive attitude leads to a smooth, healthy cheerful functioning of all parts of human body.

But from negative thoughts arise fear, anxiety, hatred, jealousy, frustration and selfishness, which affect the whole body and lead to disease. Let me repeat it, so that this truth is firmly imprinted on your mind. The mind can cause or cure a disease.

Cheerfulness, courage, self-confidence, determination – such positive states of mind are more efficient than taking any tonic to keep the body healthy. It is the mind which shapes the body according to this requirement, like the silkworm weaving its cocoon. Wise men say that is the mind, which liberates man or enslaves him.

Many people prepare poison, knowingly or unknowingly. If we understand the nature of mind, the way in which the mind works, we can produce ambrosia instead of poison. What is mind? Instead of getting into technical details we can simply say – it is a force which contains many thoughts, feeling, imaginations and determination. This can be further summarized as thoughts of desire, action, and knowledge. It is a subtle and complex force which shapes our personality. We shape our destiny with the help of this energy. All our actions and accomplishments are the outcome of our emotions, thoughts, and imaginations in mind.”If you examine your thoughts five times every day for a month, you would know how you have already molded your future. If you do not like some of the things that go in your mind, it is better you start from today to change these thoughts and emotions”. So we must try to change the direction of our thoughts. All our thoughts and efforts should be directed towards the realization of the high ideal we have placed before our lives.

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