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Best Procrastination Quotes

God will give you the thread Quote Meaning Do not postpone your work because you cannot get all the necessary things to reach the destination. If you start the work, help will arrive at the right time. People who wait for everything to fall in

Stitch In Time Proverb

Short Procrastination Quotes

A stitch in time saves nine Quote Meaning: If you deal with a problem at an early stage, you can stop it from becoming worse Main Topic: Time Quotes Key Terms: Saves, StitchA stitch in time saves nineAuthor: English Proverb

Suck Fat instead of Blood Quote

Top Procrastination Status for Whatsapp

I will research to make mosquito Quote Meaning Procrastination Joke Meaning: Often procrastinators tend to take up another unrealistic task instead of the actual task to accomplish the objective. Instead of going for walk or running to reduce weight, they procrastinate that work and think about

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