Responsibility Quotes about Procrastination

You cannot escape the responsibility Quote Meaning Just by postponing your work to tomorrow you cannot escape from your responsibility to complete that task. It is just delayed for one day.. If you keep on delaying continuously, then you are not just a procrastinator, but also irresponsible.

Character Quote about half finished task

There is nothing so fatal to character as half finished tasks Quote Meaning There is nothing so fatal to one’s character than his procrastinating habit. David Llyod George considers procrastination to be the number one cause of one’s failure. No one trusts a procrastinator as

Idle Quote about work by Edward Young

Tomorrow is When Idlers Work Quote Meaning Procrastinators postpone their work to tomorrow, thinking that they will be a Superman tomorrow and have a special ability to perform a lot of tasks only on that day. As it arrives,  they identify themselves as a normal person

Procrastination quote about credit card

Best Procrastination Quotes

Procrastination is like a credit card Quote Meaning Many middle-class economical families run into this problem of getting into debt more than they earn. It is difficult to calculate the spending unless otherwise, you see the real money. Similar way, if you do not notice

Laziness Quotes by Jimmy Lyons

Tomorrow is the only day in the year Quote Meaning A lazy person always thinks of doing any task tomorrow. They are not interested in doing the task because of their laziness. Main Topic: Procrastination Quote Related Topics: Laziness, Tomorrow, Year Tomorrow is the only

Assassin Quote

Short Procrastination Status for Whatsapp

Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin Quote Meaning Main Topic: Procrastination Quote Related Topics: Opportunity, Assassin Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin Author: Victor Kiam Quotation References : Procrastination is Opportunity Assassin Quote Explanation This Procrastination quote explains it as opportunity’s assassin. When an opportunity knocks at your door, a

Funny Procrastination Quote

Let us meet again to discuss Quote Meaning This procrastination joke is about how manager solves scheduling issues in the team. Many teams, in the corporate world procrastinate doing their job by conducting meetings. Managers of corporate companies are not involved in the production work. Their

If and When Quote

Top Procrastination Quotes

If and When are planted nothing grows Quote Meaning This quotation explains what happens if you start doubting the outcome before attempting anything. If you doubt your decision on something, you will never act on it. There is no right time or right environment to

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