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A Meeting is a deliberation where hours are wasted Quote Meaning Funny Quotes About Procrastination Meaning: When a manager calls for a meeting, it is usually to pass his time in office not to find any solution to the problem. This is summarized in this

Enjoy Time Quotes

The time you enjoy wasting Quote Meaning There is a thin line between hard work and stress. If you work hard without minding the time, then stress will occupy yourself lowering the efficiency. Set aside some time for enjoyment. Main Topic : Procrastination Quotes Related

Harry A. Hopf Postponement Quotes

Famous Procrastination Quotes

Often greater risk is involved in postponement Quote Meaning Many a time, taking wrong decision allows you to find the obstacle fast enough and drive you towards the goal faster compared to postponing your decision. Main Topic: Procrastination Quotes Related Topics : Risk, Wrong, Decision

Make Easy Job Hard Quote

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Keep Putting Off doing Job Quote Meaning When you postpone your job, the deadline shrinks which results in mental stress. When you finally take up the task at the last minute, your mental stress affects the quality of the work and mostly the job is useless

Begin Quote

The best way to get something done is to begin Quote Meaning Many of us wait for the right moment or right people to kick start project.  Most often, these right ingredients would never be available to us. Instead of waiting for the congenial environment,

Michael Landon Do it Now Quote

Best Procrastination Quotes

Whatever you want to do , do it now Quote Meaning When asked today, you will say tomorrow. After one day, you are going to say again to yourself that you will do that tomorrow. Finally, that tomorrow never every day has another day,

Funny Procrastination Quotes

I do my work at the same time each day Quote Meaning This quote is mostly apt for students. Most of us, during our school and college days, would have procrastinated our studies till the last minute. We think we are super genius and require

Not Now Becomes Never Quote

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How soon not now, becomes never Quote Meaning: Time flies like anything. If you miss the proper timing to start an activity, then it becomes nearly impossible to restart on the activity. If timing goes wrong, the outcome of the activity would also be wrong.

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