Opportunity Buried Quote

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried Quote Meaning Every opportunity has an expiry date and a quality gate. If you start working on the opportunity at the very last moment, you may never reach the gate or fail at the quality gate. Many

Time and Tide Quotes

Time and tide wait for no man
- Geoffrey Chaucer

Cute Procrastination Status for Whatsapp

Time and Tide wait for no man Quote Meaning: No one in this world is so powerful that they can stop the progress of time. Life moves on. When opportunities are displayed in front of you, grab it. If not, these opportunities will never come

Spanish Proverb Time quotes about procrastination

Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week Proverb Meaning This Spanish proverb reminds that not to procrastinate our tasks to tomorrow. If every task is postponed to tomorrow, which we eventually do, tomorrow will be a day with a lot of tasks, and

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  1. One of the early lessons passed on to me from my parents is to value the time. I always knew they were right but somehow, I was never able to entirely understand what they really meant by saying it. I spent my time with people who have no significance in the life i am living today. I was dreaming about things which I know that i am not going to get it. I was living in dream world most of the time then living in the current. Past is Past. Now i live in the present and i am happy.

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