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Attitude Quotes
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This page contains the best attitude quotes images which iterate the importance of the positive attitude in life. Attitude can be easily altered unlike character by bringing changes in our behavior.

Latest Quotes about Attitude & Attitude Status
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  • How Attitude makes our life easy

    If we could all just laugh at ourselves in hard times or good times, it would be an incredible world.
     |   Aarya Prabakaran
    Attitude Quote on Laughter therapy
    Jena Malone about being happy in distress. Learn to be happy both in hard times as well as in good times. This is the single most important wisdom to follow in your life. If we cultivate the behavior of laughing, it will eventually become our attitude. This is the basis of the Laughter therapy.
  • No 1 reason for all your extreme sufferings

    The extreme self centered attitude is the source of suffering.
     |   Aarya Prabakaran
    Self Centered Attitude Quote
    The biggest source of all our suffering is the desire which stems out because of our self centered attitude. Not all desires we have result in suffering. But the ones which are resulted from our selfish attitude cause the worst.
  • Inspiring story on what attitude we bring to life

    Our lives are not determined by what life brings us but the attitude we bring to life.
    Wade Boggs Quotes
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     |   Prabakaran Thirumalai
    Attitude We bring to life Quote
    Are you leading your life based on whatever life brings to you. Instead, if your life is determined by your attitude towards the life events which unfolds to you, you will be able to do wonders in your life.
  • Scientific way to alter your attitude

    The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.
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     |   Sriyan Sivakumar
    William James Altering attitude Quote
    As an Individual, we cannot alter the activities which are happening around this world. But we have the greatest capacity to alter our life by changing our attitude towards what happens to us. By changing our beliefs and values, we can change our attitude.
  • Too many people miss silver lining because they are looking for gold

    Too many people miss silver lining because they are looking for gold
     |   Aarya Prabakaran
    Attitude creates negligence Quote
    Too many people miss silver lining Quote Meaning: Maurice Setters about what you are looking for. Have you observed while walking in streets you observe only shops which are of interest to you? Even if you see other shops, it does not get stored in your memory as you are not consciously looking for it. The similar way, people who are looking for gold, will miss silver if any on their way.
  • Top 10 Attitude Quotes Video

    Convert a bad day into a good day

    The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.
     |   Aarya Prabakaran
    Good Day and Bad Day Quote
    Author Dennis S. Brown about good day and bad day. Attitude is the Key, which converts a bad day into a good day. Your attitude is what determines whether a day is good or bad. If you think positive about any negative situation or event you encounter, then you have taken the first step towards converting that bad day into a good day.
  • The miracle wonder drug which you never took till today

    A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.
     |   Sriyan Sivakumar
    Positive Mental Attitude Quote
    Patricia Neal about positive thinking. Many diseases which are considered as incurable by famous doctors in this world are cured when the patient have positive thinking attitude. The miracle wonder drug which you need to take is the positive mental attitude which does not cost you anything but requires conscious effort from your side. The Power of concentrated thought and positive thinking are the two great tools in your life to help you succeed.

    The two things important for achieving success

    For success, attitude is equally as important as ability.
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     |   Prabakaran Thirumalai
    Ability and Attitude Quote
    The current society focuses more on the ability than the attitude. This may lead to temporary success but not permanent. This quote is misattributed to Walter Scott but written by Harry F. Banks.
  • My Attitude is result of your actions

    My attitude is result of your actions. So If you don't like my attitude blame yourself.
     |   Aadithya Prabakaran
    My Attitude Quote about Blame
    Our attitude is based on the behavior of other people. We have different attitude towards different people based on their actions. For people whom we respect, our attitude will be different from people whom we hate.
  • Attitude quotes change attitude dont complain

    If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain
     |   Aarya Prabakaran
    Change your attitude quotes
    Many people when confronted with problems, start complaining about other things or other people. Very few people take action to change it rather than complaining about it and blaming it on others.
  • The No 1 Secret that leads to positive outcome everytime

    A positive attitude will always lead to positive outcomes.
     |   Aarya Prabakaran
    Napolean Hill Positive Attitude Quote
    Positive Attitude is the No 1 secret that leads to positive outcome in every task we do. When you have positive attitude towards the work, the motivation levels are high. When your motivation level is high, you tend to work hard. When you work hard on something you like, it is bound to yield a positive outcome.
  • Attitude Quotes make enemy friend

    The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend.
     |   Aarya Prabakaran
    Attitude Quotes
    You cannot destroy an enemy by fighting against him, instead if you make him your friend, enemy disappears.
  • Attitude Quotes about Ideal attitude on being strong

    The ideal attitude is to be physically loose and mentally tight.
     |   Prabakaran Thirumalai
    Ideal Attitude Quote
    Arthur Ashe about ideal attitude. Your attitude is not right when you physically attack people who are physically weak. It does not show your strength. Instead, try to fight against them mentally and win the argument. It is the ideal attitude which demonstrates your mental power.
  • Emotional quotes control your attitude towards what happens

    You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude towards what happens to you.
     |   Aarya Prabakaran

    You cannot control what Happens to you Quote Meaning The one who understands this emotional quote has taken control of his emotions and walking towards his spiritual life. It all lies in the attitude of

  • How attitudes are formed in childhood

    Our Attitude towards others determines their attitude towards us.
     |   Prabakaran Thirumalai
    Attitude towards others Quote
    Author Earl Nightingale about what determines the attitude. How others treat us mostly depends on how we behave to them. If we behave nicely to them, they would reciprocate the same behavior towards us.
  • Attitude quotes excellence is not a skill

    Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.
     |   Prabakaran Thirumalai

    Explanation about quote on attitude : Bringing your excellence is an attitude. You should have the thirst to excel. When it mixes with the skill, it achieves greater results. Main Topic: Attitude Quotes Related Topics:

  • The number one factor which influences how well you perform a job

    Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.
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     |   Aarya Prabakaran
    Attitude Quote about Ability and Motivation by Lou Holtz
    Make sure that your motivation levels are high, if not procrastination will eat away the time and your ability to do the task is of no use. Even though you might have the ability and are motivated to perform some task, it is your attitude which determines how perfect you perform that task.
  • Attitude quotes about expression is most important

    Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.
     |   Aarya Prabakaran
    Expression Quotes about its importance
    Author Janet Lane. You may wear many beautiful pieces of jewellery on you, but if your expressions are worse, the beauty of jewels is lost in your ugly expressions. The expression is the most important thing to learn than any other things.
  • Attitude quotes careful about what you pretend to be

    We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.
     |   Aarya Prabakaran
    Pretend Quote
    Kurt Vonnegut about what to pretend. We become our habits. What we repeatedly do in our daily lives becomes our personality. If you want to be courageous, pretend that you are courageous in order to become courageous.
  • Quotes about Attitude determines altitude

    Your attitude, not your aptitude will determine your altitude.
     |   Prabakaran Thirumalai
    Attitude Quote by Zig Ziglar
    Quote written by Zig Ziglar. Though knowledge is important, it alone cannot take you towards your success. Attitude is more important in achieving results than your knowledge.
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What is Attitude

Your perspective about people, events and ideas are called as your attitude. Attitude is the result of your evaluation of these objects from your past experiences. Some people have control over their behavior, and some behave spontaneously without thinking.

Different Attitudes Exhibited by Humans

Some of the Positive attitudes are Confident, Determined, Optimistic, Tolerant, Caring, Flexible, Happy, Sincere, Adaptable , Forgiving, Ambitious, co-operative, Enthusiastic, Hardworking, Honest, Humble, Responsible, etc

Some negative attitudes are being Jealous, Resentful, Inferiority Complex, Procrastinate, Revengeful, Pessimistic, Cruel, Rude, Greedy, Selfish, Fearful, Indecisive, Cowardice, Irresponsible, Pride, etc.

Best Attitude Status for Whatsapp

What is Attitude Status

  • Excellence is not a skill, It is an attitude. Share in Whatsapp
  • Attitudes are more important than facts.
  • The only disability in life is a bad attitude. Share in Whatsapp
  • Please don’t get confused between my attitude and my personality!

Attitude Status On Life

  • Take charge of your attitude. Don’t let someone else choose it for you.
  • Dream’ as if you’ll live forever.. Live as if tomorrow is last one…
  • Every people is a intelligent, When he work Hard!
  • I define my own life. I don’t let people write my script. Share in Whatsapp
  • One person’s LOL is another’s WTF!
  • Life is too short. Don’t waste it by removing pen drive safely. Share in Whatsapp
  • Life will give you exactly what you need, not what you want.

Inspirational Attitude Status

  • I remind myself that my blood type is Be Positive when in distress.
  • If people have a problem with you, always remember, it is THEIR problem. Whatsapp
  • Work until you don’t have to, introduce yourself.
  • I may not win immediately, but Definitely.
  • There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.
  • Alter your attitude and you can alter your life.
  • Your attitude can make all the difference in how your day will begin and end.

Motivational Attitude Status

  • If plan A didn’t work, Alphabet has 25 more letters.
  • The greatest pleasure in life is doing the things people say you can’t ;)
  • Attitude Matters : Don’t Say, “No One Likes Me..!!” Just Say, “There Is No One Like Me..!!”
  • If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito.
  • The biggest revenge you can take upon your enemies is your success.
  • They say we learn from our mistakes. So I’m making as many as possible! Soon I will be a genius.

Positive Attitude Status

  • Sometimes you succeed and other times you learn.
  • What other people think of me is always none of my business!
  • May my enemies live a long life to see my success.
  • Always smile, because your smile is a reason for many others to smile…Smile please…!!
  • I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends.
  • Smile at those who hate you – It kills them.
  • Nothing positive comes from being negative all the time. Change your attitude!

Self esteem Attitude Status

  • I know i am awesome, so i don’t care about your opinion.
  • I’m Not Special , I’m Just Limited Edition.
  • If you want to bring me down, first you need go above me.
  • I talk to myself because I like dealing with a better class of people.
  • I am who i am, you approval is not needed.
  • Those who like me… Raise your hands… And those who don’t like me raise your Standards.
  • I don’t have an attitude problem. You have a perception problem

Negative Attitude Status

  • If you can’t convince them, confuse them.

Selfish Attitude Status

  • I don’t have an attitude, I have standards for the people who are supposed to be my friends.
  • I don’t have an attitude!! I have a personality you can’t handle!!!

Insulting Attitude Status

  • People with high ego and unnecessary attitude deserves the standing ovation of the tallest finger..
  • Please don’t interrupt me while I’m ignoring you
  • I don’t insult people , I just describe them Attitude status about others
  • My intention is not to insult people I only tell them who they are.
  • I’m not changed it’s just I grew up and you should try too.
  • What people say to your face is not a problem.
  • The problem is what they say behind your back.

Blaming Attitude Status

  • My attitude is a result of your actions….So if you don’t like my attitude blame yourself.

Rude Attitude Status

  • Don’t ask me for my opinion if you can’t handle the truth. I’m not going to lie to make you feel better.

Procrastination Attitude Status

  • Whenever i think of quitting smoking, I need a cigarette to think.
  • When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.
  • People say nothing’s impossible, but I do nothing everyday.
  • Sleep till you’re hungry… Eat till you’re sleepy.

Attitude Status on Change

  • The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.
  • The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do.
  • People keep doing the same old things, but expect a different outcome.
  • Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

People Attitude Status

Attitude Status about others

  • My attitude is based on how you treat me.
  • There is no market for your emotions, So never advertise your feelings, just display your attitude.
  • Do not give advise unless you are asked to.
  • People will love you. People will hate you. Others will secretly wish to be you.

Attitude Status about Friends

  • If friendship is your weakest point then your the strongest person in the world.
  • Everyone has an annoying friend. If you don’t have one, it’s probably you.

Attitude Status on Solving Problems

  • I Don’t Like To Take Right Decision.. I Take Decisions And Make Them Right.
  • The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem.

Attitude Status about Growth

  • We live in a society were pizza gets to your house before police.
  • Scientist say the world is made up of Proton, Neutrons and Electrons…they forgot to mention Morons like you.

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