Cure for Pain Quote

The Cure for Pain Quotes Explanation: There is no easy way of getting away from pain. Distractions or diversions such as Boozing, Travelling, a new relationship can temporarily ease your pain, but you cannot get away from it. The only ways to get out of

Self-Chosen Pain Quote

Short Pain Quotes

Much of your pain is self-chosen Quote Meaning: Every option you choose in your life leads to some level of pain in one way or other. It is you who have chosen that option, there is no point in cribbing about it. Get over you

Heart Broken Quotes

Cute Pain Status for Whatsapp

Heart Broken Quotes about Pain Quote Explanation: People who experience pain want to hide that from others because they don’t want to look vulnerable in front of others. To do that, they blame their mental illness on their physical illness. Any Physical illness is considered normal

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