Pain is sold Quote

Emotional Pain is Sold Quote Meaning: There are two kinds of pain; one is physical and other is mental. One of the technique, marketers, and politicians use is to inflict mental pain to sell their products or thoughts in others. Main Topic: Pain Quotes Related

Anger Quotes on Pain

Where there is anger, there is pain Quote Meaning: People who get angry often, suffer latter because of their behavior. He who controls his anger can conquer many people’s hearts. Anger is inversely proportional to the number of friends you have. Main Topic: Angry Quotes

Quotes about sadness

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Sadness is always the legacy of the past Quote Meaning: There is a big difference between sadness and regret. Sadness just says about the mood or feeling, but regret defines the attitude of the person. Regrets are thus the pains of the memory. Main Topic:

Inevitable Pain Quotes

Best Pain Quotes

Meaning of Pain is inevitable and Suffering is optional Quote: When you get hurt physically or mentally, the pain it causes cannot be changed. But our suffering can be reduced or eliminated based on our attitude towards it. Pain may not be avoided in life

Happiness Quote about Pain

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What happiness is there when purchased without pain quote Meaning : There is no happiness if you get it without any hard work and pain. The hard work and the pain you went through to achieve something are what brings you happiness. Main Topic: Quotes about Happiness

Learn from Pain Quote

Positive Quote on Learning from Pain Explanation: You have two option to choose every day. You can either choose Pleasure or Passion. Pleasure is temporary happiness, but passion is temporary pain and lasting happiness. We learn more from our pain and nothing from our pleasure.

Judgement Quotes about Pain

Cute Pain Quotes

Everyone knows their own Pain and Renunciation Quote Meaning: One’s feeling can never be understood by another person because everyone lives in their world. Each one of us our priorities, values, beliefs, and attitude. Every individual’s Perception changes based on these factors. A Person having pain

No Pains Quote

There are no Gains without Pains Quote Meaning: Unless otherwise, there is a pain in your muscles when you do exercise, you cannot build your muscles. Though this quotation talks about physical activity, it can be applied to all metaphors including achievement without struggle, success

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