Done at no time Quote

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Time Quote about procrastination Explanation: If a task is not completed now and you think that it can be done at any time later, then that task will never be done at all. Main Topic: Priority Quotes Related Topics: Done, What, Time, Procrastination What may

Not Now Becomes Never Quote

How soon not now, becomes never Quote Meaning: Time flies like anything. If you miss the proper timing to start an activity, then it becomes nearly impossible to restart on the activity. If timing goes wrong, the outcome of the activity would also be wrong.

Responsibility Quotes about Procrastination

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You cannot escape the responsibility Quote Meaning Just by postponing your work to tomorrow you cannot escape from your responsibility to complete that task. It is just delayed for one day.. If you keep on delaying continuously, then you are not just a procrastinator, but also irresponsible.

Don't Wait Quote by Napoleon Hill

Time Never Just Right Quote Meaning If you wait for the right time to start an activity, that time may never arrive. so do not wait for the right time. Start immediately. Main Topic: Time Quote Related Topics: Wait, Right, Never Don’t wait. The time

Year from now Quote

A year from now you may wish Quote Meaning There is no point in repenting later that you might have started the task much earlier. Most of us fail to act at the right time and complain later than we started very late and because

Procrastination quote about credit card

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Procrastination is like a credit card Quote Meaning Many middle-class economical families run into this problem of getting into debt more than they earn. It is difficult to calculate the spending unless otherwise, you see the real money. Similar way, if you do not notice

Assassin Quote

Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin Quote Meaning Main Topic: Procrastination Quote Related Topics: Opportunity, Assassin Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin Author: Victor Kiam Quotation References : Procrastination is Opportunity Assassin Quote Explanation This Procrastination quote explains it as opportunity’s assassin. When an opportunity knocks at your door, a

Art of Procrastination Quote

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Procrastination is the art of keeping up Quote Meaning One of my friends, when some of this customers ask him when he will be able to do the work, he would always say ‘yesterday’. When I asked him why did he say yesterday. He responded

What is the difference between data and information

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The Internet contains what somebody thinks about the fact Quote Explanation Always trust the information from reliable sources or websites. Don’t take it for granted about the information presented on social media sites. Main Topic: Learning Quote Related Topics: Internet, Somebody, Thinking, Fact The Internet

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