Slave of his surroundings Quote

Man Who has no inner life is Slave Quote Meaning Do you think your decisions and choices you take in the life is dictated by people around you? If so, you are the slave of the surroundings and do not live your life, instead living

Live and Learn Quotes

Best Life Quotes

Tables turn, bridges burn, you live and learn Quote Meaning: Experience is the best teacher of life. You live by learning and learn by living. Many things happen during the course of life which may be both positive as well as negative but you live

Lightup your life Quote

Relationship is like electric current The wrong connection will give shocks Quote Meaning: Bad relationships you keep will torture you whereas good relationships will help you realize your dreams. Main Topic: Relationship Quotes Key Terms: Light, Right, Throughout, Shocks, Connection, Wrong, Current, Electric, RelationshipRelationship is

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