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Best Image Feelings Quotes collection to express your feelings/thoughts on Facebook/Whatsapp Status.

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Comments from Readers

  1. Maria says:

    This quote is very true. Many people are acting but if you talk to them you will know that they also have some problems.

  2. Shriney says:

    very true, my eyes are revealing the feelings. everytime i say a lie, he finds that pretty easy.

  3. Oscars 2017 says:


  4. SomeIdeas says:

    Few ideas to show gratitude:
    -Send handwritten letter to congratulate someone who has achieved a goal or overcome an obstacle.
    -Take your shirts that no more fit you and give it to poor people. Their happy faces with appreciation will strengthen your gratitude.
    – Send handwritten ‘thank you’ letter to someone who made your day awesome.

  5. SomeLady says:

    I agree with this quote. All through our life we would love to have someone to listen to, talk to, receive advice and suggestion. This just gives us satisfaction that atleast there is someone in our life with whom we can share this life.

  6. Zahid says:

    Really amazing quotation i liked your quotes

  7. woah great collection