Anger Without Enthusiasm Quotes

Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm Quote Meaning During the depression, you will be angry with yourself and want to change yourself completely, but you would not have enough enthusiasm to do it. Everybody in this world is affected by depression, but they possess enough

No one can make you feel inferior Quote

Top Depression Status for Whatsapp

Make You Feel inferior Quote Meaning: Some people have low self-esteem who enjoy passing negative comments and opinion about others to satisfy their ego. Do you think anyone can make you feel inferior without your consent? Outside cannot create Depression and Sadness on yourself. It

Confession and Depression Quote

Confession of our faults is the next thing to innocence Quote Meaning Quote by Publilius Syrus. One of the main cause of depression is the guilt we have after committing mistakes. Guilt feeling goes away when you realize that you have committed a mistake and

Tired of Living Quotes

Tired of Living And Scared Of Dying Quote Meaning People in depression feel sick of living in this world because of their constant negative thoughts, but these people are scared of dying. This makes them unable to decide between both and ends up in a

Recession and Depression Quote

Best Depression Quotes

Quotes about recession and depression Explanation During the recession, many people lose their job. During the depression, one loses themselves questioning their existence. People understand the real significance only when they experience it personally. Related Topics: Neighbour, Lose, Job, Recession It’s a recession when your

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