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Depression Quotes about unforgiven hurt

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Best Depression Quotes

Ungrieved and Unforgiven Hurts lead to Depression Quotes Meaning: The simplest cure for depression is the elimination of the biggest cause of depression. If someone does anything bad to you, it is better to forgive them than to forget them to have positive reinforcements in Read More>>

Quotes about depression on feeling alone

Short Depression Quotes

Feeling of being unwanted Quote Meaning:  The most terrible poverty is not about having money, it is feeling lonely in this world that no one needs them. After retirement, everyone feels loneliness but how they decide to go ahead with their rest of their life Read More>>

Stress and Depression Quotes

When money becomes your purpose, Stress Quotes Meaning: For many people in this generation, the only purpose of life is to earn money. Because of this busy mechanical life, stress and depression have become part and parcel of life. Main Topic: Stress Quotes Related Topics: Read More>>

Depressing Quotes by Kate Bush

Top Depression Status for Whatsapp

It’s always the same depressing Quotes Meaning: Does News reflects whatever happens in the society, or it misguides the society to act in a violent way? One of the leading causes of many mental illnesses is news in the newspaper. Media changes the culture and Read More>>

Sad Depressing Quotes

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Sad Depressing Quotes which afflicts people Meaning: The Focal point of many people’s life is work. Instead of working 8 hours per day, workaholic people spend more than twelve hours at office subjecting themselves to stress. The day they realize that they lack content in Read More>>

Overcoming Depression Quotes With Love

Best Depression Quotes

The greatest healing therapy for overcoming depression Quotes Meaning: To overcome depression, you need someone to take a walk/drive, with a sympathetic ear to listen to your struggle. But this is not enough as they have to tolerate your helplessness, fear, guilt, anger, and frustration. Read More>>

Anger Quotes about Depression

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The opposite of anger is depression Quote Meaning: When you are angry with yourself and start feeling alone, you start getting into depression. There is scientific evidence that this behavior is very common in women than in men. The emotional connection between anger and depression Read More>>

Fighting Depression Quotes

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Top Depression Quotes

Fighting Depression Quotes with Smile Meaning: Crying is not always a sign of weakness, it most often releases the hurt and pain that cannot be expressed to others through words. People who consider it as a sign of weakness bear the pain of hiding them by Read More>>

Fighting Depression Quotes

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Famous Depression Status for Whatsapp

Fighting Depression Quotes with Play Meaning: Play not just helps us to be healthy but it also helps us belong to a group or become part of communities. This eliminates feeling alone and being victimized by depression. There is proof that decline in children’s play over recent years Read More>>

Depression Quotes about Sadness

Depression is saying “I’m tired” Quote Meaning: People who are into depression always try to hide their negative emotions with a positive emotion. When they are sad, they just say that they are tired, but they are actually in a depressing mood. If we know Read More>>

Wiping Tears Quote on Depression

Cute Depression Quotes

Instead of wiping your tears Quote Meaning: Don’t fix the leak, instead, fix the cause of the leak. If you suffer a lot because of somebody, there is no point in continuing relationship with that person. It is wise to let go of the relationship than Read More>>

Worst Sadness Quote

Depressed Story about Young women: One woman because of her sorrow has become lean due to her loss of appetite. She worried a lot about things which never happen in her life. Fear and resentment are the primary drivers for her sadness. Her sadness did not Read More>>

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