Stephen Hawking IQ

Stephen Hawking IQ Test had recorded score of 160, despite being paralyzed because of motor neuron disease from the age of 21 which took the world by surprise. Who is Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking (British theoretical physicist) was born in 1942 in the UK. When he was 17

Techniques to improve memory

Ways to improve memory retention and memory recall Many people have complained about their memory that it does not help to remember things they have learned when they require it. However, some of us have frequently been complaining about our poor memory. When we talk

Free IQ Test

Free IQ Test helps us to find our Intelligence Quotient ( IQ scores ) online and compare it with average IQ levels of our age. Do you know what is your IQ score? Take Free IQ Test Interested to know your IQ score. Take the

Perception – How we interpret information

Perception is the interpretation of the sensation. Perception is the process of organizing and interpreting sensory information to give it meaning. The brain automatically perceives the information it receives from the sense organs. For this reason, many people refer to sensation and perception as information

Why we forget things

Forgetting: Forgetting is a natural phenomenon. We forget more than what we remember. If we remembered every minute detail of every day of our entire life, it would be really difficult to retrieve the necessary information such as trying to recollect the keys you misplaced.

How drawing improve your memory

Are you using Mindmaps for your notetaking? Does drawing improve your memory recall or is it just you believe that it might improve? In 2015, University of Waterloo Psychology Department conducted research to figure out how much drawing improves your memory. To check whether drawing

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