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Time to relax Quote

The time to relax Quote Meaning In this page, you will find the best collection of relaxing quotes about taking rest, taking a day off, etc. from famous authors. From thousands of quote collections, these quotes are handpicked by BrainQuotes. Sydney J. Harris about best

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In short, we motivate you to inspire others. Quotations and Articles in this website contain tools and techniques to guide and motivate you to develop your personality and life skills. We want to create a positive impact on you, not just to impress you. We help you achieve

Good Day and Bad Day Quote

Top Motivation

Difference between good day and bad day Quote Meaning Attitude is the Key, which converts a bad day into a good day. Your attitude is what determines whether a day is good or bad. If you think positive about any negative situation or event you

Secret of Happiness Quote

The secret to happiness is to put the burden of proof Quote Meaning The secret of happiness us not to just focus your thinking on what makes you succeed, but also to concentrate simultaneously on what makes you happy. If the path which leads you

Do it with confidence Quote by George Clinton

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Style is whatever you want to do Quote Meaning When we do some work with fear or lack of confidence, we will do it with full conscious to make sure that there is no room for any mistakes. Main Topic: Confidence Quotes Related Topics: Motivational,

Edward John Phelps No Mistake Quote

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The Man who makes no mistakes Quote Meaning There are two ways to learn; one is to learn the theory of the subject and other ways is practically do it and learn it. People who learn by experience should understand that learning progresses by making

Do you have a low self-esteem?

One of the important factor in determining the success of a person is motivation. Motivation levels of individuals vary based on the self-esteem. Many scientific experiments have proved that low self-esteem leads to failure. Let’s begin by first understanding what self-esteem means before getting into

Real story of Albrecht Durer Praying Hands

Story of Albrecht Durer Praying Hands: During the fifteenth century, a tiny village close to Nuremberg, there lived family members with eighteen children. To merely help keep meals around the table for this child, the father and mother of the household. Father is a goldsmith by profession,

Mango tree Story about positive attitude

Story about positive attitude: Once teacher who lived in the forest had two disciples. Among them, one had a very good positive attitude towards life, and he sought out excellent points from something he observed even though the other student sees only the negative aspect of what he

Quarter life crisis and why it is not all bad

It has been a few months since I wrote a blog. 2016 appears to be a year where I have been bogged down by the questions running through my mind. Have I made the right choices so far? Have I done anything meaningful What am

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  1. Dear Brain Quotes,

    I was wondering if you would be interested in publishing some of my inspirational quotes? Enclosed, please find a list of my inspirational quotes, along with my short bio for your review. Please let me know if your able to use any.

    Yours Truly,
    Disability activist, Poet and 2x World record holder:
    Robert M. Hensel

    #1. There is no greater disability in society, than the inability to see a person as more. – Robert M. Hensel

    #2. A brush of kindness, can paint a smile on a face. – Robert M. Hensel

    #3. I’m chasing my dreams straight to the top, into a sky that has no limits. – Robert M. Hensel

    #4. Whenever we begin to feel as if we can no longer go on, hope whispers in our ear, to remind us, we are strong. – Robert M. Hensel

    #5. A fighter is someone who rises up, even when the odds are stacked against them. – Robert M. Hensel

    #6. A positive attitude, can turn a storm into a sprinkle. – Robert M. Hensel

    #7. Sometimes it takes us traveling outside our comfort zone, to discover the abilities, we never knew we had. – Robert M. Hensel

    #8. Feel the presence of love, wrapped up within a hug. – Robert M. Hensel

    #9. Hands of time move us forward, never back. Only memories frozen in mind, can we re-enact. – Robert M. Hensel

    #10. Every failure is just another step closer to a win. Never stop trying. – Robert M. Hensel

    #11. When everyone else says you can’t,determination says, yes you can. – Robert M. Hensel

    #12. A man is not wealthy simply by the contents of his pockets alone, but instead by the richness of his heart. – Robert M. Hensel

    #13. Inspiration comes from the places we suffer the most. – Robert M. Hensel

    #14. Don’t let the negativity of others, rain on your sunshine. – Robert M. Hensel

    #15. Go ahead and label me, because labels are made for gifts. – Robert M. Hensel

    #16. Dreams really do come true….When passion awakes inside of you. – Robert M. Hensel

    #17. If my body were a tree trunk, the inner rings would surely begin to reveal the time it has had to mature. – Robert M. Hensel

    #18. Dare to walk the path that others have feared to travel, and a leader shall then be born. – Robert M. Hensel

    #19. Tears are the body’s raindrops of emotion. – Robert M. Hensel

    #20. Never take more out of life, than you intend to give back. – Robert M. Hensel

    #21. We are the true architects of our lives. Only we as individuals and individuals alone, carry within us, the inner ability to make any changes to it’s blue prints. – Robert M. Hensel

    #22. Find your passion in life, and make love to it. – Robert M. Hensel

    #23. I have never encountered a problem, that optimism couldn’t solve. – Robert M. Hensel

    #24. It doesn’t matter which side of the tracks your from, the train still rolls the same. – Robert M. Hensel

    #25. Life is a temporary position. When our jobs done, we turn out the lights and go home. – Robert M. Hensel

    #26. When the heart speaks, love listens. – Robert M. Hensel

    #27. Let your courage and determination be the vehicle that drives you, and takes you anywhere in this life you wanna go. – Robert M. Hensel

    #28. Face life head on….It’s a collision you can’t ignore. – Robert M. Hensel

    #29. It only takes but one seed of peace, to create a forest. – Robert M. Hensel

    #30. In order for us to reach success, we must first, find the ladder. – Robert M. Hensel

    #31. Have courage enough to accept what you can not change, but yet courageous enough to stand up and fight for what you can. Robert M. Hensel

    #32. Life’s a trip, pick up your feet. – Robert M. Hensel

    #33. No one has ever died, from an over exposure to education. – Robert M. Hensel

    #34. Success is measured by the amount of effort we put forth, in conquering our objectives. Robert M. Hensel

    #35. I can not, and will not judge, by what my eye’s may see. For the skin on a man shall not reveal, his true identity. – Robert M. Hensel

    Short Bio:

    Robert M. Hensel was born with a birth defect known as Spina bifida. A disability that has not stopped him from achieving success in his life. Mr. Hensel is a leading figure within the disability community, advocating for the treatment and rights of all individuals living with disabilities across the globe. In 2000, realizing the need to focus more on one’s abilities and less on their disabilities, Hensel sought to have a week designated that would bring to light the many talents and accomplishments being made by individuals with disabilities. Due to his efforts, Oswego county passed a motion recognizing Oct. 1-7 as Beyond Limitations week. In his own words, “I have a Disability yes thats true, but all that really means is I may have to take a slightly different path than you”. Robert is also an International Poet-Writer with well over 900 publications published World wide. In 2000, Robert was nominated as one of the best Poets of the 20th Cen. Just most recently, he was nominated for the Pushcart Prize, an award giving to Outstanding Poets & Writers. Hensel is also a Guinness & Ripley’s world record holder for the longest non stop wheelie in a wheelchair , covering a total distance of 6.178 miles. The reason for his record was to help raise money for wheelchair ramps throughout his Community. Roberts Journey doesn’t stop there by any means. In Oct 2006, he was asked to carry the torch for the 2006 Asian Games. It is said that he was the only one chosen out of Thousands of other Celebrities throughout the United States to carry out such an honor. Much of his accomplishments have recently found a permanent home within the walls of The Museum of Disability History, for others to appreciate and learn from. The Museum of Disability History is the only one of it’s kind, displaying the Artifacts and accomplishments connected to some of histories most notable disabled figures of our time, such as Helen Keller and many others. The Museum is located in Buffalo, New York.

    Please take a moment to check out my website at:

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