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Quarter life crisis and why it is not all bad

It has been a few months since I wrote a blog. 2016 appears to be a year where I have been bogged down by the questions running through my mind. Have I made the right choices so far? Have I done anything meaningful What am

Do you know how our beliefs are formed?

Every one of us thinks we are individuals with our independent thought process. But over the years, as we internalize the unspoken rules, we tend to become anxious and insecure. This insecurity tends to make us more conservative preferring to fit into the group and

The key to Master any skill

I recall having an interesting conversation with my friend about thinking and mastering any skill before he launched this website. Here is the conversation that went on between us: “You have been traveling from home to office and back for many years. During the journey, your

Meaning of life – Are you egg or carrot or coffee bean

The whole world is searching for the meaning of life. Few say that they have found it, and few started preaching how to lead your life. I recently picked up the book, ‘Man’s search for meaning’ by Victor Frankl upon a friend’s recommendation. I finished

Power of words in communication

While browsing the business news, I came across the speech delivered by Mohammed Qahtani about ‘The power of words’ in the competition for ‘2015 World Championship of Public Speaking‘.  The video definitely inspires to improve the effective communication skill. He went on  to bag the

Your perspective is important than the situation

While I was surfing the internet I came across the above image; it was interesting to see the different perspective of two men. This image demonstrates that our perspective is important than the situation. Much like the image, our perspective determines our approach to problems

Pursuit of Happiness – Train Your mind to be happy in life

When I walk around the city, there have been times when I was handed over a pamphlet on a ‘happiness’ course conducted by spiritual gurus. Also, there have been numerous studies on the science of happiness. The society has become obsessed about happiness. We conceive

What is missing in the schools

As I see the middle age looming over me, I began to wonder what my school missed out on teaching me! There are many important aspects of life which are missing in the school education. Some of the common perceptions about life and career that

Emotional intelligence to control your kid crying for toy

In the recent times, the stigma associated with the disclosure of mental health has been considerably reduced. Many kids have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression disorders. The mental health has gained as much as importance as physical health in the recent past. It has evoked

Missing Link between IQ and Success

When I sit down to lunch with my friends who are parents, they often describe how their kids have high IQ. IQ alone is not sufficient in this 21st century to succeed. Almost every decision we take in our daily life is based on our emotion.

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