Important Days in your Life Quotes

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Important Days in Your Life Quotes Meaning: The day we are born is one of the significant days of our life. More than our existence, the day we figure out our purpose/what we want to do in this world (what motivates and gets us excited) Read More>>

Attitude creates negligence Quote

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Too many people miss silver lining Quote Meaning Main Topic: Attitude Quotes Related Topics: Wisdom, People, Silver, Gold, Looking Too many people miss silver lining because they are looking for gold. Author : Maurice Setter Quotation Reference The attitude of a person determines the way they Read More>>

Stress and Depression Quotes

When money becomes your purpose, Stress Quotes Meaning: For many people in this generation, the only purpose of life is to earn money. Because of this busy mechanical life, stress and depression have become part and parcel of life. Main Topic: Stress Quotes Related Topics: Read More>>

Best Quotes about Life

Increasing Speed of Life Quotes Explanation: The world is speeding towards self-destruction by carelessly depleting its resources.  What is life, if we crave for something new all the time without enjoying what we have already. Life is not about moving fast towards your destination but relax Read More>>

More Time At Office Quote

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Spend More Time at the Office Quote Meaning: In this generation, people like to spend most of their time in office as they equate time to money. More the time they spend at the office, more they become eligible for getting more money. But, On Read More>>

Quotes about direction and speed

The direction is so much more important than speed Quote Meaning Nobody has time to determine their direction towards their destination. They are thrilled with the speed at which they go and get lost somewhere. The speed at which we are going is n’t matter Read More>>

Funny Quotes about life

The average man does not know what to do with his life Quote Meaning Quote by Anatole France. What to do with your life is one of the daunting question everybody has. Life ends for most of the people before they figure out what to Read More>>

Happiness Quote about Kiss by Bernard Meltzer

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Happiness is like a Kiss Quote Meaning Psychologists have proved with many experiments that people need both satisfying work and happy moments of joy to be happy. How would you explain the happiness of your grandmother, whose lifetime was spent in bringing up the children Read More>>

Man of Success Quote

Try not to become a person of Meaning There is a big difference between a person who achieves success and the one who achieves greater values in life. The former will enjoy the pride whereas the latter will enjoy happiness throughout the life. Make sure Read More>>

Quotes about thinking bad

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There is nothing either good or bad Quote Meaning In this world, everything is both good as well as bad, it is based on the perception of your thinking. Main Topic: Thinking Quotes Related Topics: Good, Bad, Nothing There is nothing either good or bad, but Read More>>

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