Right and convenient Quote

What is right is often forgotten by what is convenient Quotes Meaning There is no clear distinction between what is right and what is wrong, so most of the time we tend to take decisions based on what is convenient for us to do rather than

Slave of his surroundings Quote

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Man Who has no inner life is Slave Quote Meaning Do you think your decisions and choices you take in the life is dictated by people around you? If so, you are the slave of the surroundings and do not live your life, instead living

Define Yourself Quote

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When you judge another, you do not define them Quote Meaning: Humans have the tendency to project their feelings onto another person by criticising them. The flaws we point about others are reflection that we have those flaws.  When you feel guilty about being too

Supressing Value Quote

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Guilty is the mind’s way of suicide when your values are suppressed by you Quote Meaning: When you go against your values, you cannot escape the guilty feeling. There are many salespeople who are attempting to sell a product that they themselves don’t believe in. When you ask these sales

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