Sad Quotes About Life

Of all sad words of tongue or pen quote Meaning: Life gives you many options to choose from whenever you encounter serious decision which affects your course of life like career, marriage, etc. Whatever option you choose, make sure that there is no regret caused Read More>>

Priority Quotes about Busyness

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Busyness is not a reason for not getting other things done Quote Meaning: Few people in office, keep them occupied with unnecessary things and show off their busyness in front of others. These people try to avoid their responsibilities and true priorities (which are tough ones Read More>>

Highest Priorities Quotes

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Decide your highest priorities Quote Meaning: When you say ‘Yes’ to your boss all the time, you will be the one who will be doing most of your team’s work. The one who knows how to say ‘No’ pleasantly with a smile which is not Read More>>

Inspiring Quote by A.P.J Abdul Kalam

All birds find shelter during the rain Quote Meaning Former Indian President and highly regarded scientist Abdul Kalam inspires students by asking them to think differently to face the problems in life and get over them like eagle rather than cribbing about them or shying Read More>>

Success Quotes about post stamp

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Be like a postage stamp Quote Meaning Main Topic: Success Quotes Related Topics: Postage, Stamp, Stick, Thing, There Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there Author: Josh Billings Quotation Reference: Source: Book – TEENERSHIP: Leadership for teens – Written Read More>>

Success Quotes by A.P.J Abdul Kalam

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Don’t read success stories Quote Meaning By reading stories of success people, you are not going to gain much. Instead if you read stories of people who failed, you will learn many lessons which will help you to avoid trouble in your life and take Read More>>

Words of Wisdom Quotes

Best Quotes For Entrepreneurs

Efforts and courage are not enough Quote Meaning If you do now know the purpose of your task and the direction in which you need to proceed to reach your goal, what good does hard work and  courage can do for that person. All of Read More>>

Right Time and Good Time to Start Quote

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Wait for right time and Good time to start Quote Meaning Procrastinators would postpone their task saying that it is the right time or good time to start the task. They would wait all their life and never do that task. Main Topic: Procrastination Quotes Read More>>

Do not Stop Quote

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It does not matter how slowly Quote Meaning When you know the destination and know its direction, do you think it matters at what speed you are moving towards the destination? If you move fast in the wrong direction or towards a wrong destination, that Read More>>

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