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What is right is often forgotten by what is convenient Quotes Meaning There is no clear distinction between what is right and what is wrong, so most of the time we tend to take decisions based on what is convenient for us to do rather than

Setting Priorities Quote Written by Alan Lakein

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In all planning you make a list Quote Meaning When you plan for a goal, all you have to do is two things. First, prepare a list of tasks to achieve that and then prioritize them based on their dependency and importance. These two activities

Procrastination Quote about Deadline

I don't need time, I need a deadline
- Duke Ellington Quotes

I don’t need time; I need a deadline Quote Explanation: People who procrastinate if they are not set a deadline to complete the task, they will prolong the task forever because of their procrastination behavior. They do have time to do it, but their problem

Done at no time Quote

Time Quote about procrastination Explanation: If a task is not completed now and you think that it can be done at any time later, then that task will never be done at all. Main Topic: Priority Quotes Related Topics: Done, What, Time, Procrastination What may

You miss 100 of the shots Quotes

You miss 100 percent of the shot quote meaning The worst tragedy of life is living the fear of failure and hesitate to shoot. People who miss the aim and shoot 1000 yards away are still better than the one who is still thinking about

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