Hard Work Quotes On Opportunity

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The trouble with opportunity Quote Meaning: If you do not work hard, opportunity does not knock your door. After you get the opportunity, if you do not work hard, it moves out of your house by another door. This Quote is misattributed to author Douglas

Best Quotes about Life

Increasing Speed of Life Quotes Explanation: The world is speeding towards self-destruction by carelessly depleting its resources.  What is life, if we crave for something new all the time without enjoying what we have already. Life is not about moving fast towards your destination but relax

Set Priority Quotes

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Priority shouldn’t be set within your interest Quote Meaning: It is not enough to set your priorities in life, based on your interest, it is very important that you set your priorities along the lines of your necessity. Any passionate work which gets you what

Perfection and Performance Quote

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Perfection is required for building planes, performance is sufficient for Quote Meaning: Many people spent most of their life trying to achieve perfection which is impossible. This happens because they link accomplishment to acceptance and they work so desperately to get it right. But life and games

Hard work quotes about extraordinary

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The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary: The only thing that makes an ordinary person into an extraordinary person is the extra amount of effort he puts in compared to the ordinary person. The more you work, more the rewards will be. Main Topic:

Winning Stroke Quote by William John Cameron

Last Dejected Effort often becomes winning stroke quote meaning The number one reason for many failures is not having the perseverance to complete the task till the last effort. Stress, tiredness, fear of failure corrupts the mind and make it dull to give up on

how hard you work quote

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Do not tell me how hard you work Quote Meaning In the work environment, there are a lot of people who work only with their tongue. I meant to say about the task than actually doing it. This hard work quote is applicable for corporate

Hard Working Quote

Hard work relieves Bullock cart Story Quote Meaning The rain gods had been pouring the entire evening. The roads had been muddy as well as the potholes have been filled with loamy and clay soil making it tough for the vehicles to move on. It was

Quotes about Working hard

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You’ll never reach your destination Quote Meaning This quotes about working hard even on sunny days inspires us to put effort irrespective of situation. In your life, if you want to achieve success without putting any effort, you will be disappointed. Irrespective of the climate

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