Time to relax Quote

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The time to relax Quote Meaning In this page, you will find the best collection of relaxing quotes about taking rest, taking a day off, etc. from famous authors. From thousands of quote collections, these quotes are handpicked by BrainQuotes. Sydney J. Harris about best

Other side of fear Quote

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Everything you want is on the other side of the fear Meaning: Everything you want is hidden on the other side of the fear so that it becomes difficult to get it. If you have the courage to face the fear, you will get it. But,

Hard Work Quotes On Opportunity

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The trouble with opportunity Quote Meaning: If you do not work hard, opportunity does not knock your door. After you get the opportunity, if you do not work hard, it moves out of your house by another door. This Quote is misattributed to author Douglas

Happiness Quotes about hard work

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Happiness comes from hard work Quotes Meaning: Happiness is an achievement you attain by working hard. If you achieve anything through shortcuts there is no fun in achieving that. When you use cheats in computer games, the fun of playing the game is lost soon.

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