Depression Quotes about unforgiven hurt

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Ungrieved and Unforgiven Hurts lead to Depression Quotes Meaning: The simplest cure for depression is the elimination of the biggest cause of depression. If someone does anything bad to you, it is better to forgive them than to forget them to have positive reinforcements in Read More>>

Quotes about depression on feeling alone

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Feeling of being unwanted Quote Meaning:  The most terrible poverty is not about having money, it is feeling lonely in this world that no one needs them. After retirement, everyone feels loneliness but how they decide to go ahead with their rest of their life Read More>>

Sad Life Quotes About Worry

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Worry Often gives small thing big shadow Quote Meaning: When you are sad mood, even the small things matter a lot. The magnitude of the problem is amplified by your thoughts, but the actual problem remains in the same size. Instead of making the problem Read More>>

Primary cause of unhappiness quotes

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The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it Quote Meaning This quote about happiness talks about the interpretation of the event and the emotion we attach to it are the primary cause of unhappiness. If you know how to Read More>>

Pain is sold Quote

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Emotional Pain is Sold Quote Meaning: There are two kinds of pain; one is physical and other is mental. One of the technique, marketers, and politicians use is to inflict mental pain to sell their products or thoughts in others. Main Topic: Pain Quotes Related Read More>>

Overcoming Depression Quotes With Love

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The greatest healing therapy for overcoming depression Quotes Meaning: To overcome depression, you need someone to take a walk/drive, with a sympathetic ear to listen to your struggle. But this is not enough as they have to tolerate your helplessness, fear, guilt, anger, and frustration. Read More>>

Sad Depressing Quotes

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Sad Depressing Quotes which afflicts people Meaning: The Focal point of many people’s life is work. Instead of working 8 hours per day, workaholic people spend more than twelve hours at office subjecting themselves to stress. The day they realize that they lack content in Read More>>

Slave to Emotion Quotes

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Emotions are Slaves Quote meaning: Emotions and behavior are learned from the environment we live. When we grow up, we lose our ability to use our mind and become a slave to our emotions. It is our thoughts that evoke many emotions in us, but as you Read More>>

Unexpressed Emotion Quotes

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Unexpressed emotions Quote Meaning: Nearly all the psychological problems arise because of unexpressed emotions during the childhood. These hard feelings when suppressed, stays in our subconscious mind and pops up undesired behaviors later during our adulthood. Children who have someone to share their emotions and feelings Read More>>

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