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If at first, you don’t succeed Quote Meaning You will be upset and hurt when someone calls you quitter. But quitting is more important than starting to attain success in life and stock market investments. People who make large money in the stock market do that

Success Quotes about post stamp

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Be like a postage stamp Quote Meaning Main Topic: Success Quotes Related Topics: Postage, Stamp, Stick, Thing, There Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there Author: Josh Billings Quotation Reference: Source: Book – TEENERSHIP: Leadership for teens – Written

Unlimited Enthusiasm Quote

Best Quotes For College

Main Topic: Success Quotes Related Topics: Person, Anything, Unlimited, EnthusiasmA person can succeed at almost anything for which they have unlimited enthusiasmAuthor: Charles M. SchwabQuotation Reference:

Attitude Quote by Zig Ziglar

Attitude will determine you altitude Quote Meaning Though knowledge is important, it alone cannot take you towards your success. Attitude is more important in achieving results than your knowledge. Main Topics: Attitude Quotes Related Topics: Aptitude, Determine, Altitude Your attitude, not your aptitude will determine

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