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Day : 2019-Dec-11 , Wednesday - Words of Wisdom Quotes by Muhammad Ali

Make the Days Count Quote Meaning Are you a kind of person who wants to pass your time somehow now so that you can have bright future. If you just pass your time, what are the chances that your future will be good? Think every

Day : 2019-Dec-04 , Wednesday - What I said Quote

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Main Topic : Trust Quotes Related Topics : Meant, Said, Confident, Believe I meant what I said and I said what I meant. Author : Dr.Seuss Quotation Reference:

Day : 2019-Nov-30 , Saturday - Forgotten Quote

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Main Topic: Wise Quotes Related Topics: Forgotten, thought, Where, When Where does a thought go when it’s forgotten? Author: Sigmund Freud Quotation Reference:  

Day : 2019-Nov-28 , Thursday - Easier to be Critical Quote

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How much easier is to be critical than to be correct Quote Meaning During meetings when you propose an idea, you will get a lot of critical comments about the idea, but seldom you get better or alternative ideas from the other people. Many people

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