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Day : 2019-Oct-20 , Sunday - What We Become Quotes on Personality

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The reward of our work Quote Explanation: The outcome of any work is not just the deliverables but also the learning which we gained during the process. Every work we undertake improves our technically(knowledge, skill) and personally(behavior, attitude, belief). The success we get in doing the

Day : 2019-Oct-18 , Friday - Consumer Society Quote About Personality

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Trying to Find Yourself Quote Meaning: Many people are feeling lonely and completely lost in this world. They try to find new relationships by buying things and doing make-up to get other’s attention. Make-up will get you attention, but that relationship may not last long

Day : 2019-Oct-12 , Saturday - You are Quote

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Main Topic: Personality Quotes Related Topics: What, Say, Do, You You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do Author: Carl Jung Quotation Reference:

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