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Day : 2020-Sep-23 , Wednesday - Patience and Persistence Quotes

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Patience, persistence and perspiration Quote Meaning Main Topic: Patience, Success Quotes Related Topics: Combination, Success, Persistence, Perspiration Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. Author: Napoleon Hill Quotation Reference :

Day : 2020-Sep-17 , Thursday - No Pains Quote

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There are no Gains without Pains Quote Meaning: Unless otherwise, there is a pain in your muscles when you do exercise, you cannot build your muscles. Though this quotation talks about physical activity, it can be applied to all metaphors including achievement without struggle, success

Day : 2020-Sep-16 , Wednesday - Pain is sold Quote

Emotional Pain is Sold Quote Meaning: There are two kinds of pain; one is physical and other is mental. One of the technique, marketers, and politicians use is to inflict mental pain to sell their products or thoughts in others. Main Topic: Pain Quotes Related

Day : 2020-Sep-15 , Tuesday - Temporary Pain Quote

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Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever Quote Meaning: Don’t stop pursuing your goals because of obstacles you face on the way. The pain inflicted physically or mentally may not last long if you have the perseverance to overcome. If you don’t and quit in between,

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