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Day : 2017-Nov-19 , Sunday - Successful Warrior Quote

The successful warrior is the average man Quote Explanation: There is no the difference between common man and a successful warrior. The only difference between them is the laser-like focus of the warrior which makes him successful. Main Topic: Success Quotes Related Topics: Warrior, Average,

Day : 2017-Nov-18 , Saturday - Then you win Quote by Mahatma Gandhi

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First, they ignore you then they laugh at you Quote Meaning When you compete with someone very powerful than you, they will ignore you considering that you are weak. When you stand firm and oppose them, then they would make fun of you and try to

Day : 2017-Nov-17 , Friday - Being Strong Quote by Audrey Hepburn

Main Topic: Strong Quotes Related Topics: Believe, Trust, Wrong, Everything I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. Author : Audrey Hepburn Quotation Reference:

Day : 2017-Nov-14 , Tuesday - Dale Carnegie Sad Quotes

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Today is the tomorrow Quote Meaning There is no difference between your today and tomorrow if you worry about your past. Main Topic : Sad Quotes Related Topics : Difference, Today, Tomorrow, Worry Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday. Author : Dale Carnegie Quotation

Day : 2017-Nov-10 , Friday - Quotes about direction and speed

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The direction is so much more important than speed Quote Meaning Nobody has time to determine their direction towards their destination. They are thrilled with the speed at which they go and get lost somewhere. The speed at which we are going is n’t matter

Day : 2017-Nov-06 , Monday - Not Now Becomes Never Quote

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How soon not now, becomes never Quote Meaning: Time flies like anything. If you miss the proper timing to start an activity, then it becomes nearly impossible to restart on the activity. If timing goes wrong, the outcome of the activity would also be wrong.

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