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Day : 2018-Jul-12 , Thursday - Knowledge and Wisdom Quote about society

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Science gathers Knowledge faster than society gathers Wisdom Quote Meaning: Science and technology are progressing at an alarming pace compared to value progression in the society. So Instead of putting technology only for the right use, society uses that in dangerous other ways. Main Topic:

Day : 2018-Jul-11 , Wednesday - Stubborn Quote

The less people know the more stubbornly they know it quote meaning You don’t see lot of resistance from those who know very well but from the people who know very little. Main Topic: Knowledge Quotes Related Topics: Less, More, Stubborn, Know, People The less

Day : 2018-Jul-10 , Tuesday - I know nothing Quotes

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I only know that I know nothing Quote Meaning Socrates says that when you think you know something your learning stops. If you admit yourself that you don’t know anything you are open to knowledge and wisdom. Main Topic: Knowledge QuotesRelated Topics: Know, Nothing, Thing

Day : 2018-Jul-07 , Saturday - Always Possible Quote

Main Topic: Kindness Quotes Related Topics: Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Author: Dalai Lama Quotation Reference:

Day : 2018-Jul-06 , Friday - Kindness and Gentleness Quote

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Main Topic: Kindness Quotes Related Topics: Cleverness, Gentleness, Need More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness Author: Charlie Chaplin Quotation Reference:

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