Best Tools and Techniques to avoid Procrastination

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How to Avoid Procrastination

Find the best tools and techniques to avoid Procrastination in this article. Four out of the seven techniques are outlined here.

If your interest is to know the methods available to prevent Procrastination, then please go ahead with this article. But, if your intentions are to overcome Procrastination, then read about the FOLLOW tool to identify the type and level of your procrastination before proceeding with this.

throw money


Do you remember throwing money out of your pocket anytime?

Why throw away the precious time by indulging ourselves in tasks which do nothing more than simply passing our time.

Procrastination is a killer behavior. It destroys your desires and wishes and keeps yourself occupied in unimportant things.  Procrastinators become diligent, only after they realize(not just understand) that time and not money is the greatest asset one has.


Stop Procrastination Technique Doing Right Tasks

Stop Procrastination – Doing Right Tasks
Are you working day and night like a slave but still being blamed for irresponsibility and termed as the procrastinator? This technique will help you to identify right tasks you should concentrate.




Technique To Overcome Procrastinating - Find Passion

Stop Procrastination – Find your Passion

Are you working all throughout the day but still could not find enjoyment and inner satisfaction? This technique will help you align your tasks such that you will get fulfillment and joy.



Deal With Procrastinate Behavior-Taste Success In Your Mind

Overcome Procrastination – Taste Success in Your Mind

Do you find yourself in low self-esteem while performing your duties? Are you afraid of the overwhelming nature of the task and you try them because someone is holding the stick and scaring you?



Split Your Tasks SMART

Stop Procrastination – Split Your Tasks SMART

Are you procrastinating tasks which are overwhelming due to its size and complexity? You are unable to see the big picture of the project at hand and how to execute the task.



Do you know that all procrastinators are not same? There are different kinds of procrastinators based on what type of jobs they procrastinate. If you are interested to find out what kind of procrastinator you are? Please head on to Types of Procrastinators article. By knowing your type, we can give personalized suggestions to find the right tools and technique to avoid your procrastinating behavior.

Infographic from summarizes 15 ways that successful people use to avoid procrastination.


Explanation about 7 of the ways to overcome procrastination and get stuff done is outlined in this video.

Further Reading to Avoid Procrastination

Practical Ways To Stop Procrastination by

Celestine Chua, who writes for Lifehack, says she has identified 11 ways which she use to avoid procrastination. She claims that it applies to everyone. Few ways to overcome are listed below.

lifehack.orgCreate a detailed schedule with deadlines
Identify and eliminate your procrastination sources
Spend time with people who inspire you
Create social pressure by informing your goals.
Get help from someone who achieved the result before
Rethink the values of your goals
Don’t crib and over complicate things


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